Abstract Blue Bottle Tree

Metal bottle tree sculpture framework at www.thebluebottletree.com
 Here is the basic bottle tree as we were unloading it off the truck.
Digging the hole for my bottle tree.
 Here’s my dad digging the hole. We had to take out an azalea and that pine had to go, too.
Dad using a post hole digger.
 Having worked as a farmer half of his life, my dad knows how to dig a hole. A post hole digger makes a nice narrow hole.
Measuring the depth of the hole.
 The sculpture was designed with a 30″ post to be embedded into the ground. We had to measure to get it deep enough.
Holding the sculpture steady while we put dirt and concrete in the hole.
 Holding the framework in the right angle was a family job.
Wiggling the new bottle tree framework to get the framework right angle.
 My mom and dad adjusting the framework to get the angle just right.
Mixing the concrete in the hole.
 Two sacks of concrete mix were used to make sure the post stays steady. Experience has shown Dad that mixing in the hole works just fine.
Populating the bottle tree with its crop of bottles.
 Firmly in the ground, it’s time to begin putting bottles on the tree.
The access panels for the back of the bottle tree are removable for access to the lights.
 The bottle tree is made with panels that are bolted on the back. They’re removable so that lights can be installed into each bottle.
The back side of the bottle tree.
 The back side of the bottle tree is just as interesting as the front.
Jim Davis along with the blue bottle tree sculpture that he made for his daughter, Ginger. This stands outside the studio of www.TheBlueBottleTree.com
 And here’s the finished bottle tree, along with the artist, Jim Davis.

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