Jim’s Workshop

Jim’s workshop – well, a large bit of it. You can’t see the anvils, forge, and lots of other tools that are behind the camera.

9 thoughts on “Jim’s Workshop”

  1. Love that you have your own website Jim! You are an amazingly talented man! You are so kind and have a beautiful heart. I am blessed to know you!

  2. After looking at the beautifully crafted pieces you made, I am even more sorry we did not get to visit you guys . Such wonderful creations! We will be back……

  3. Dearest Jim and Carol, it is an honor having met such a talented team. I truly believe that marriage is also partnership where each spouse complements each other to pursuing own dreams. I will love to visit your workshop one of this days. It is an honor having you as part of the Area Art Club… I love your metal art work! Gabriela

  4. I feel as if I have discovered a rare and valuable treasure here in the hills of Ozark County! Meeting Jim, seeing his beautiful work and the lovely home he and Carol have created … the experience was a blessing to me. His workshop is a revelation … obviously a place of inspiration as well as work. The pieces he creates must be savored and studied, with hidden surprises and meaning. Each has many stories to tell. I hope to one day own a piece of Jim’s art. He shies away from being called an artist, but there is no question … this man is a gifted creator of art. I’m so glad to have connected with these fine folks.

  5. Marilyn S. Piche

    i just today (May 22, 2019) read about your beautiful metal creations in the Ozark County Times. After reading the article, I immediately logged on to the internet to find your webpage. I have looked at all of the photos of your handiwork and I am amazed! I hope my husband, Al, and I will be able to visit your shop very soon. ~~Marilyn Piche’

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